The finale of How I Met Your Mother was great. Since I’m a Ted/Robin ‘shipper, I was sooooo happy with the plot twist unlike most of the fans who were outraged. I hoped for a plot twist which will conclude with Ted ending up with Robin for a very long time. Aaand it happened! Thanks to the writers for this awesome show that never fail to bring out various emotion out of me. It’s been legend-wait fer it-dary! Will surely miss the show. :’)


The ending of HIMYM is probably the most realistic thing I’ve seen in a tv show. It’s not a fairytale ending and that’s what makes it perfect.


I think when you’re in love you always take the time to “remember this.”


HIMYM aftermath. I just can’t. 


He loves her so much and never stopped
he doesn’t care if she gets older, he doesn’t care if she gains weight,
he doesn’t care about having sex with anyone else, 
he doesn’t care if she’s a mess,
he doesn’t care if she doesn’t allow him to take care of her or that she gets mad when he does it anyway,
he doesn’t care that she is infertile and that she is career driven 
and is scared of relationships, because he doesn’t want perfect, he just wants Robin.